Hannah Abel-Hirsch

I am a London-based writer and editor. Currently, I am the assistant editor of the British Journal of Photography magazine. Before this, I was an editorial assistant at Magnum Photos, London. My words have appeared in British Journal of PhotographyMagnum Photos, 1000 Words, the Royal Academy of Arts Magazine, amongst others. 

Recently, I collaborated on the multimedia documentary A Pandemic Love Story, writing about the love and struggles of several bi-national couples as they navigated long-distance relationships during Covid-19. The National Geographic Society’s emergency fund for journalists supported the project, and it featured in the FT Weekend Magazine. I also worked with the photographer Rhiannon Adam on her project The Rift, writing editorials to accompany the work, which charted the debate around fracking in the UK. 

For commissions, get in touch at hannahabelhirsch@gmail.com